$21 Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis Yellow 165 Yards Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Fluorocarbon,FC,$21,Night,Yellow,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Sunline,165,Yards,Hi-Vis,/2021/10/01/stranger-of-paradise-final-fantasy-origin-launches-march-2022-second-trial-version-available-now/,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness $21 Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis Yellow 165 Yards Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness lowest price Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis 165 Yellow Yards Fluorocarbon,FC,$21,Night,Yellow,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Sunline,165,Yards,Hi-Vis,/2021/10/01/stranger-of-paradise-final-fantasy-origin-launches-march-2022-second-trial-version-available-now/,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness lowest price Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis 165 Yellow Yards

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Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis Yellow 165 Yards


Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis Yellow 165 Yards

Product description

Sunline Night FC Hi-Vis Yellow is a fluorocarbon mainline specifically designed for night fishing. Specifically, Night FC will glow-in-the-dark under black light, making it easier for you to detect bites and manage your line in low-light conditions. Previously, only nylon-based monofilaments were sold with glow-in-the-dark properties, but now Sunline has brought this great feature to fluorocarbon and brought all the benefits of fluorocarbon line along with it, including higher abrasion resistance, lower stretch, and greater sensitivity when compared to monofilament. The Hi-Vis Yellow blend of Night FC also glows with more intensity than the original Night FC Clear Blue, making it the best choice if you need the greatest amount of visibility.

Available in 5 pound test strengths ranging from 12 to 25 pound.

Sunline Night FC Fluorocarbon Hi-Vis Yellow 165 Yards

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