Green,,Vessle,$303,HomeLava,Basin,Vanity,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Ba,Basin,Sinks,Lotus,/Dipteraceae1163733.html,Bowl,One $303 HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Vanity Basin Vessle Sinks Lotus Ba Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Green,,Vessle,$303,HomeLava,Basin,Vanity,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Ba,Basin,Sinks,Lotus,/Dipteraceae1163733.html,Bowl,One $303 HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Vanity Basin Vessle Sinks Lotus Ba Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Lotus Vanity Ba Superlatite Vessle Sinks HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Lotus Vanity Ba Superlatite Vessle Sinks

HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Lotus Chicago Mall Vanity Ba Superlatite Vessle Sinks

HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Vanity Basin Vessle Sinks Lotus Ba


HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Vanity Basin Vessle Sinks Lotus Ba

Product Description

Transparent Louts vessel sink with faucet combo


  • DIMENSIONS: 490*350*135*12mm/L19.3*W13.8*H5.3*T0.47 inches, Faucet Measurement:185*285mm/7.3*11.2 inches
  • Vessel bowls are easy to clean and will not stain from toothpaste, cleaning products or cosmetics
  • HANDMADE VESSEL BOWL SINK: Handcrafted bathroom vessel sink in resilient tempered glass

HomeLava Green One Bowl Basin Vanity Basin Vessle Sinks Lotus Ba

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