MFLABEL 4"x6" Fragile Stickers Do Not Drop Labels with Super Special SALE held Handle $224 MFLABEL 4"x6", Fragile Stickers, Do Not Drop Labels, Handle with Office Products Office School Supplies Drop,MFLABEL,Stickers,,Not,Fragile,with,$224,,Do,Office Products , Office School Supplies,4"x6",,Handle,Labels,,/Dipteraceae1216333.html Drop,MFLABEL,Stickers,,Not,Fragile,with,$224,,Do,Office Products , Office School Supplies,4"x6",,Handle,Labels,,/Dipteraceae1216333.html $224 MFLABEL 4"x6", Fragile Stickers, Do Not Drop Labels, Handle with Office Products Office School Supplies MFLABEL 4"x6" Fragile Stickers Do Not Drop Labels with Super Special SALE held Handle


MFLABEL 4"x6", Fragile Stickers, Do Not Drop Labels, Handle with


MFLABEL 4"x6", Fragile Stickers, Do Not Drop Labels, Handle with

Product description

Size:40 rolls

1. Label size: 4"x6".

2. These labels are great for calling attention to shipments that contain fragile items.

3. MFLABEL Company is factory direct sell. Our labels are all with competitive price and premium quality.

4. We can accept custom all kinds of barcode shipping mailing labels.

5. If you have problem on the printer setup or label use, please contact us via Amazon message. We will give you a suggestion.

MFLABEL 4"x6", Fragile Stickers, Do Not Drop Labels, Handle with

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