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Jack Wolfskin Genuine Free Shipping Sale item Women's Routeburn Jacket W

Jack Wolfskin Women's Routeburn Jacket W


Jack Wolfskin Women's Routeburn Jacket W

Product description

Like a down jacket - but without the down! The ROUTEBURN JACKET is made entirely of synthetic materials. This quilted jacket is super comfortable. The MICROGUARD SUPERLOFT synthetic fibre insulation feels like down and delivers very good warmth-to-weight performance. It also has good lofting capability. Even if it gets wet, it loses none of its insulation performance, and it dries out again quickly. The STORMLOCK outer fabric is breathable, light and windproof - ideal attributes for active outdoor sports. The ROUTEBURN JACKET can be layered up or worn as a standalone. In wet weather you can wear it under your hardshell.

Jack Wolfskin Women's Routeburn Jacket W

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