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Al sold out. Simone Perele Womens Promesse Triangle gift

Simone Perele Womens Promesse Triangle


Simone Perele Womens Promesse Triangle

Product description

Everything about this non-padded lace bralette is stunning and effortless. You'll fall in love with luxurious Leavers lace and the romantic lace back of Simone Perele's Promesse triangle bra. The wireless design combined with the divinely soft, cotton-lined cups provide supreme comfort for the entire day. You can fully adjust the straps and back closure for a custom fit. With a triangle plunge shape in the front and a U-shaped ballet back, this French style bralette is supportive, chic and works with any style of top.

From the manufacturer

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Eden Bralette (ref.12E250) Promesse Bralette (ref.12H210) Promesse Demi (ref.12H330) Wish Demi (ref.12B330) Delice Demi (ref.12X330)
Straps Single Single Single Single Double
Cups Lace Lace and Cotton Lace Embroidered Mesh Embroidered Mesh
Padding Level Unlined Unlined Unlined Unlined Unlined
Underwire - -
Silhouette Plunge Plunge Demi Demi Demi
U-Shaped Ballet Back - - -

Simone Perele Womens Promesse Triangle

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