Bohemian Macrame Dedication Wall Decor Boho wall Style Hanging Chic Bohemian Macrame Dedication Wall Decor Boho wall Style Hanging Chic $87 Bohemian Macrame Wall Decor Boho Chic Style Macrame wall Hanging Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Decor,/antaphrodisiac1000790.html,Wall,Bohemian,wall,$87,Style,Hanging,Boho,,Macrame,Macrame,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Chic Decor,/antaphrodisiac1000790.html,Wall,Bohemian,wall,$87,Style,Hanging,Boho,,Macrame,Macrame,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Chic $87 Bohemian Macrame Wall Decor Boho Chic Style Macrame wall Hanging Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Bohemian Macrame Dedication Wall Decor Boho wall Style Hanging Daily bargain sale Chic

Bohemian Macrame Wall Decor Boho Chic Style Macrame wall Hanging


Bohemian Macrame Wall Decor Boho Chic Style Macrame wall Hanging

Product description

This simple and elegant macrame hanging is perfect for adding that extra "something" to your space or event. Made with 100% cotton rope, this unique wall hanging will brighten any room. This vintage-meets-modern macrame wall hanging tapestry inspired by tribal objects, ethnic art, aztec decor and boho decor. Unique design, after hours of knotting, meticulously handcrafted, using natural materials giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room. Makes the perfect statement accent piece for the head of your bed, on the gallery wall or small/narrow accent walls, over a couch or by a window for a boho touch to any space. Well packed in carton box makes a perfect Eco-friendly housewarming gift for a person who enjoys bohemian art. TimeYard is a registered trademark, attention to detail is always our priority and all of our products are professional manufacturing and sole selling. New Art In Macrame Wedding,Wall Hanging/Curtain/Runner/Plant Hanger/Garment/Jewelry Etc. Do you want to add a special touch to your special event with a Macrame. A Macrame is perfect for an indoor or outdoor wedding Etc.. Custom pieces are also available for purchase. They take roughly 4 days to make depending on the level of work I have on. I’ll try and help you out if you have a short deadline or a specific budget where I can. If you’re looking for something original and handmade then please get in touch and we can chat about exactly what you’re after. I’m happy to help in any way that I can to make your event as special as it possibly can be. Please note:- This item is not coming with a rod/dowel due to shipping costs and shipping policies; but you can get one from Bamp;Q in the UK and online from Home Depot in the States. Alternatively, you can go for a walk in the forest and grab a tree branch which brings nature in your home.

Bohemian Macrame Wall Decor Boho Chic Style Macrame wall Hanging

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