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Alistyle Men's Ugly Great interest Christmas Dress Xmas Shirt Long Print Columbus Mall Sleeve

Alistyle Men's Ugly Christmas Dress Shirt Long Sleeve Xmas Print


Alistyle Men's Ugly Christmas Dress Shirt Long Sleeve Xmas Print

Product description

Fanient Mens Hawaii Shirts Fashion 3D Printed Short Sleeve Aloha Shirts

Size Details:

Size M:Bust:109cm/42.9",Sleeve: 20.5cm/8.1"Shoulder:46.5cm/18.3",Length:73cm/28.7"

Size L:Bust:115cm/45.2",Sleeve: 21.5cm/8.5"Shoulder:48.5cm/19.1",Length:75cm/29.5"

Size XL:Bust:125cm/49.2",Sleeve: 22.5cm/8.9"Shoulder:51.5cm/20.2",Length:77cm/30.3"

Size XXL:Bust:135cm/53.1",Sleeve: 23.5cm/9.2"Shoulder:53.5cm/21",Length:79cm/31.1"


Alistyle Men's Ugly Christmas Dress Shirt Long Sleeve Xmas Print

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