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Custom Leopard NEW before selling ☆ Print Diaper Bags Max 48% OFF Back with Customized Mummy Name

Custom Leopard Print Diaper Bags with Name Customized Mummy Back


Custom Leopard Print Diaper Bags with Name Customized Mummy Back

Product description

InterestPrint Multi-Pocket Diaper Backpack Nappy Bags Travel Shoulder Casual Daypack

Waterproof Nylon, Diaper Backpack, 10.83"(L) x 6.69"(W) x 15"(H) x 3.1"(Hand Drop).

Made from waterproof nylon, durable and fashionable.

Large capacity. One main compartment and some seperate pockets inside provide enough space.

Multi-function backpack. You can put food, clothes, water bottles, diaper, books etc.

Front compartment includes 3 seperate insulated pockets that can hold milk bottles. A mesh pocket featured.

Padded back and adjustable shoulder straps for ultra comfort and stability. Multi function backpaks are suitable for many occasions.

Custom Leopard Print Diaper Bags with Name Customized Mummy Back

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