Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Trim C 6 Max 59% OFF Pcs. Pillar Posts Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Trim C 6 Max 59% OFF Pcs. Pillar Posts $28 Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Pillar Posts Trim 6 Pcs. C Automotive Replacement Parts Pcs.,,$28,Trim,Posts,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/antaphrodisiac1216690.html,-,Pillar,Window,Steel,6,B,Chrome,for,Stainless,C $28 Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Pillar Posts Trim 6 Pcs. C Automotive Replacement Parts Pcs.,,$28,Trim,Posts,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/antaphrodisiac1216690.html,-,Pillar,Window,Steel,6,B,Chrome,for,Stainless,C

Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Trim C 6 Max 59% OFF Excellent Pcs. Pillar Posts

Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Pillar Posts Trim 6 Pcs. C


Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Pillar Posts Trim 6 Pcs. C

Product description

This item is made from 304 grade stainless steel chrome material. Does not contain any plastic, never rusts, has ultimate durability and climate resistance for all US conditions.

Designed specifically for your car, perfect fitment guarantee. Installation takes seconds with adhesive 3M double side tape which is pre-installed on the back of our products. No drilling, no cutting. (Please see assembly instructions.)

As well as adding a stylish look, they also add value by protecting your original parts and their paintwork from unpleasant scratches too.

OMAC USA is located in the US, and we will be shipping your orders from here in the US.

Why 304 grade is the best quality in stainless steel accessories?

The item you are purchasing is not made from ABS plastic or 430 grade stainless steel. See below where 304 grade stainless steel material is used for because of its’ quality and durability:

"Air bag sensors, appliances, beer barrels, chemical equipment, clamps, cooling coils, cryogenic components, dairy equipment, evaporators, food handling equipment, hinges, hypodermic needles, nuclear vessels and components, oil well filter screens, pressure vessels, sanitary fittings, shipping drums, textile dyeing equipment, motors, marine, sinks, luxurious yachts, helicopters, trains, milking machines, containers, homogenizers, sterilizers, storage and hauling tanks, including piping, valves, milk trucks and railroad cars..."

When it comes to stainless steel, even though people often assume that 304 grade stainless steel is heavier than 430 grade, there is no difference between their weights. Additionally, 304 grade contains more nickel, and it lends itself to more stylish and shinier surface.

Stainless Steel for Chrome Window B - Pillar Posts Trim 6 Pcs. C

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