Automotive , Replacement Parts,Brake,Rotor,Standard,Parts,,/antaphrodisiac565290.html,Centric,$16,C-Tek,121.44085 $16 Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor Automotive Replacement Parts Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Rotor Standard Max 41% OFF Brake $16 Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor Automotive Replacement Parts Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Rotor Standard Max 41% OFF Brake Automotive , Replacement Parts,Brake,Rotor,Standard,Parts,,/antaphrodisiac565290.html,Centric,$16,C-Tek,121.44085

Centric Parts Max 83% OFF 121.44085 C-Tek Rotor Standard Max 41% OFF Brake

Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor


Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor

Product description

Centric Parts C-Tek Standard Brake Rotors are attached to wheel hub and controls the motion of the vehicle when brakes are applied. These high strength solid grey cast iron discs are E-coated which prevents rust and sticking. Their double disc ground finish reduces rotor vibration and increases braking performance.

Centric Parts 121.44085 C-Tek Standard Brake Rotor

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