Cadillac,,for,Set,1951-1956,Retro,Automotive , Replacement Parts,$109,Air,PERFORMANCE,DEMOTOR,/antaphrodisiac710890.html,Cleaner $109 DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Retro Air Cleaner Set for 1951-1956 Cadillac Automotive Replacement Parts Cadillac,,for,Set,1951-1956,Retro,Automotive , Replacement Parts,$109,Air,PERFORMANCE,DEMOTOR,/antaphrodisiac710890.html,Cleaner DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Sale price Retro Air Cleaner Set 1951-1956 Cadillac for DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Sale price Retro Air Cleaner Set 1951-1956 Cadillac for $109 DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Retro Air Cleaner Set for 1951-1956 Cadillac Automotive Replacement Parts

DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Sale Quality inspection price Retro Air Cleaner Set 1951-1956 Cadillac for

DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Retro Air Cleaner Set for 1951-1956 Cadillac


DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Retro Air Cleaner Set for 1951-1956 Cadillac

Product description


Retro Hotrod Air Cleaner for 1951-56 Cadillac/Oldsmobile, Chrome Finished
4-5/8" carb to top of air cleaner assembly
5-3/32" carb to top of air cleaner nut
18-1/4" wide (not a scaled down version)
17-19/32" front to back length.
Will fit most all standard 5-1/8" 4 barrel carbs.
Air filter included
Will clear most HEI distributors.
Constructed from very heavy duty steel.
A great addition to your traditionally styled street rod or hot rod.
Based on the style and dimensions of the 1951-1956 Oldsmobile or Cadillac air cleaners.

DEMOTOR PERFORMANCE Retro Air Cleaner Set for 1951-1956 Cadillac

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