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WINTAGE Men's Polyester Cotton Two Cheap mail order specialty store Lapel gift Festive Buttoned Notch

WINTAGE Men's Polyester Cotton Two Buttoned Notch Lapel Festive


WINTAGE Men's Polyester Cotton Two Buttoned Notch Lapel Festive

Product Description


Wintage is a men’s clothing brand. We make Western Style Suits, Blazers, Waistcoats, Vest-Pant sets and Indian Styled Bandhgalas/Jodhpuris, Nehru Jackets and Kurta Pajamas

There are a plethora of brands selling what we sell! We don't exist because the world needs another clothing brand.


We believe in a down-to-earth approach to men's fashion and that the most stylish suits should be accessible to everyone. Looking your sharpest should not cost a fortune.


By manufacturing our own apparels, we cut out any middleman. By operating online, we eliminate expenses thus passing all the savings to you, and offering better wages to our tailors.


We ship to customers all over the world through our Tailoring Shop in Delhi, India along with Fulfillment Centers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Australia.

Wintage Blazers Size Chart: Readymade amp; Bespoke Available


WINTAGE Men's Polyester Cotton Two Buttoned Notch Lapel Festive and Casual Blazer - Multiple Colors


This imported polyester cotton blazer featuring a Notch lapel, has two-button look.

FABRIC USED IN BLAZER: Imported Polyester Cotton

Recommended Wear-

South Asian Traditional, Festive, Party, Prom, Wedding, Evening and other occasions as preferred by the customer




We ship our products direct to customers eliminating all middlemen!


Our Artisans, on an average, earn 45% more than their counterparts. Selling directly to customers allow us to offer much better wages, yet stay competitive.



We customize the garments at 25% above the standard garment cost. 

WINTAGE Men's Polyester Cotton Two Buttoned Notch Lapel Festive

Our leading research

We make a global impact through excellence in research and innovation. Explore our latest research that is helping to shape a better world.

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