HAFLINGER El Paso Mall Unisex AT Wool Sole Hard Slippers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Unisex,HAFLINGER,Slippers,$52,/autistic1000634.html,AT,Sole,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Hard,Wool HAFLINGER El Paso Mall Unisex AT Wool Sole Hard Slippers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Unisex,HAFLINGER,Slippers,$52,/autistic1000634.html,AT,Sole,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Hard,Wool $52 HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $52 HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men

HAFLINGER sold out El Paso Mall Unisex AT Wool Sole Hard Slippers

HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers


HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers

Product description


There is nothing better than relaxing in a pair of Haflinger slippers, and the Haflinger AT slippers are sure to surround your feet with cozy warmth. These boiled wool slippers come standard equipped with a durable indoor/outdoor rubber outsole to keep out the cold of a frigid sidewalk or chilly wood floors. Inside, the combined latex and double felt insole offer support, warmth, and natural moisture wicking capabilities. Slip into the Haflinger AT slippers and experience total foot comfort bliss.

The Haflinger philosophy is simple and logical—a healthy foot needs the proper environment and a properly designed walking surface to stay healthy. Haflinger clogs and boiled wool slippers pay particular attention to the needs of your foot—space to expand and contract freely and effectively; breathable, all-natural materials; a footbed and spacious toe box that follow the natural form of the foot; and an impact surface that compliments and fortifies human foot design.

The Haflinger AT Boiled Wool Outdoor Slipper is built for comfort and versatility. This slipper is constructed of beautiful natural wool that keeps your feet at just the right temperature in cold or warm environments and absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry. The insole liner also absorbs moisture and is set on top of a latex, molded arch support to provide an appropriate fit and better alignment. For indoor or outdoor wear, a waterproof rubber outsole is included in the design.

From the manufacturer

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Style Wool Slippers Wool Slippers Hard Sole Slippers Wool Clogs Wool Clogs Wool Slippers
Upper Breathable boiled virgin wool Breathable boiled virgin wool Boiled virgin wool felt Boiled virgin wool felt Boiled virgin wool felt Boiled wool felt upper
Use Indoor Only Indoor Only Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor and Outdoor Indoor
Arch Support Latex molded Support Latex molded Latex molded Latex molded Latex molded Latex molded
Insole Moisture-absorbing wool felt lining Moisture-absorbing wool felt lining Wool felt lining Water-resistant thermoplastic rubber outsole Wool felt lining, removable contoured footbed Wool felt lining
Outsole Double felt Double felted with rubber traction dots Non-skid waterproof rubber outsole Water-resistant thermoplastic rubber outsole Water-resistant thermoplastic rubber outsole Leather
Features Decorated with traditional Oktoberfest beer and pretzel applique Decorated with a funny bicycle applique Trimmed with wool fibers Trimmed with zigzagged wool fibers Decorated with a button Extraordinary comfy design

HAFLINGER Unisex AT Wool Hard Sole Slippers

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