Shoes,Kevl,Leather,Plastic,$36,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,,/autistic1163834.html,Toe,Puncture,Durable,Proof,Steel,Work Durable Leather Plastic Steel Branded goods Toe Kevl Proof Puncture Work Shoes Durable Leather Plastic Steel Branded goods Toe Kevl Proof Puncture Work Shoes $36 Durable Leather Plastic Steel Toe Work Shoes Puncture Proof Kevl Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Shoes,Kevl,Leather,Plastic,$36,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,,/autistic1163834.html,Toe,Puncture,Durable,Proof,Steel,Work $36 Durable Leather Plastic Steel Toe Work Shoes Puncture Proof Kevl Tools Home Improvement Safety Security

Durable Leather Plastic Steel Branded Challenge the lowest price goods Toe Kevl Proof Puncture Work Shoes

Durable Leather Plastic Steel Toe Work Shoes Puncture Proof Kevl


Durable Leather Plastic Steel Toe Work Shoes Puncture Proof Kevl

Product description

Size Table: US4=CN36=foot length 23cm
US5=CN37=foot length 23.5cm
US6=CN38=foot length 24cm
US6.5=CN39=foot length 24.5cm
US7=CN40=foot length 25cm
US8=CN41=foot length 25.5cm
US8.5=CN42=foot length 26cm
US9.5=CN43=foot length 26.5cm
US10=CN44=foot length 27cm
US11=CN45=foot length 27.5cm
Function: Anti-smashingamp;static freeamp;Anti Slip amp; Folding,Resistant Oil,Resistant Acids amp; Alkali,Cushioning,Breathable.
Upper: Leather
Inside: cloth
Soles: Rubber solid bottom
Toe: Anti-smashing steel head
Mid shoe sole:Kevlari mid shoe sole
Occasions: Machinery / Metal processing / Glass products / Shipbuilding / Steel / Aluminum / Cement / Construction / Chemical / Petrochemical / Oil / Automotive / Electronics industries.

Durable Leather Plastic Steel Toe Work Shoes Puncture Proof Kevl

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