Head,,TCQYRXS24A,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,6,CDI,Flare,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Nut,3/4-Inch,Y,/autistic1256834.html,Torque,Point,$100 ! Super beauty product restock quality top! CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Head Nut 4-Inch 3 Y Head,,TCQYRXS24A,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,6,CDI,Flare,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Nut,3/4-Inch,Y,/autistic1256834.html,Torque,Point,$100 ! Super beauty product restock quality top! CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Head Nut 4-Inch 3 Y $100 CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Nut Y Head, 3/4-Inch Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $100 CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Nut Y Head, 3/4-Inch Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Super beauty product restock quality top CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A Max 42% OFF 6 Point Flare Head Nut 4-Inch 3 Y

CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Nut Y Head, 3/4-Inch


CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Nut Y Head, 3/4-Inch

Product description


Product Description

Interchangeable Head Drives for Pre-Sets - 6 Point Flare Nut Heads.It belongs to the tools category.It is of durable quality and highly efficient.

From the Manufacturer

This CDI Torque 3/4-Inch 6 point flare nut Y head is for use with pre set torque wrenches, this head is designed for use on production lines and other applications where a specific torque is required for repetitive operations. The design, fabrication, and materials used have been developed in coordination with major manufacturers in actual production use. Match the shank size on the head with the shank size on the desired pre set torque wrench.

CDI Torque TCQYRXS24A 6 Point Flare Nut Y Head, 3/4-Inch

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