$102 RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser Body Set Gelande II Toys Games Vehicles RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser II Set store Body Gelande RC4WD,Toys Games , Vehicles,Set,/autistic710734.html,Cruiser,$102,Gelande,Complete,Body,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Z-B0109,II RC4WD,Toys Games , Vehicles,Set,/autistic710734.html,Cruiser,$102,Gelande,Complete,Body,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Z-B0109,II $102 RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser Body Set Gelande II Toys Games Vehicles RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser II Set store Body Gelande

Phoenix Mall RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser II Set store Body Gelande

RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser Body Set Gelande II


RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser Body Set Gelande II

Product description

RC 4WD brand Complete Cruiser Body Setfor the RC4WD Gelande II Truck Kit, RC4C0051.FEATURES: Injection molded hard plastic construction, white in colorYOU WILL RECEIVE: BodyInteriorRoofDashboard and Seat Parts TreesAccessories and Accessories 2 Parts TreesChrome Accessories Parts TreeClear Parts TreesMain WindowFront Grille InsertFront LED Holder (LED lights not included)Instruction ManualREQUIREMENTS: Tools and threadlockSPECIFICATIONS: Wheelbase: 10.82 (275mm)length: 16.7 (425mm)width: 8.58 (218mm)height: 7.2 (183mm)Weight: 42.4oz (1077g)jxs 02/08/16

RC4WD Z-B0109 Complete Cruiser Body Set Gelande II

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