$175,Buaer,FIVESTAR,/catachrestical1164021.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,LEATHER,Men's,US,Naval,Military,Le,G-1,Spec,55j14 $175 FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 US Naval Military Spec Le Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Cash special price FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 Le US Naval Military Spec $175 FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 US Naval Military Spec Le Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $175,Buaer,FIVESTAR,/catachrestical1164021.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,LEATHER,Men's,US,Naval,Military,Le,G-1,Spec,55j14 Cash special price FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 Le US Naval Military Spec

Cash special Max 87% OFF price FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 Le US Naval Military Spec

FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 US Naval Military Spec Le


FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 US Naval Military Spec Le

Product description

This G-1 55J14 Leather jacket is a faithful reproduction of an original jacket (L.W. FOSTER SPORTWEAR, CONTRACT: N-383S-20445) that we sourced and studied. We carefully replicated the pattern and this, combined with the best quality materials, has allowed us to be able to offer one of the most authentic 55J14 G-1 flight jackets on the market today. This is certainly a jacket that will last a lifetime. This jacket has a genuine ‘battlefield’ pedigree, based on its well documented use during the Korean War. Those USN carrier pilots loved their jackets, and with good reason. The G-1 flight jacket is a practical and comfortable design, that has come to encapsulate the classic ‘aviator’ look we know so well today. Our incredible Goatskin is almost identical in texture and weight, when compared with the original G-1s we have obtained. Other authentic details include: Genuine lamb mouton fur collar; 100% wool knit* and rayon lining. Bi-swing pleated back, Talon zipper, pen slot in left pocket, “USN” stencil behind the collar and armpit gussets. This jacket stands as a testament to the brave flyers and adventurers of all generations. We are very proud of our 55J14 G-1 flight jacket and we hope that you will be too.

FIVESTAR LEATHER Men's G-1 Buaer 55j14 US Naval Military Spec Le

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