Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Freestanding Double Ca Under Our shop OFFers the best service Doors Sink Cabinet,,Bathroom,Freestanding,$74,Double,Ca,,/catachrestical1330221.html,Sink,Under,Vanity,Doors,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Freestanding Double Ca Under Our shop OFFers the best service Doors Sink $74 Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Freestanding Double Doors Under Sink Ca Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Cabinet,,Bathroom,Freestanding,$74,Double,Ca,,/catachrestical1330221.html,Sink,Under,Vanity,Doors,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures $74 Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Freestanding Double Doors Under Sink Ca Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Freestanding Double Ca Under Our shop sale OFFers the best service Doors Sink

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Freestanding Double Doors Under Sink Ca


Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Freestanding Double Doors Under Sink Ca

Product Description

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet
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Freestanding Single Door Under Sink Cabinet Storage Organizer High Fire Resistance Wood‑Plastic Board Multifunction 5‑Layer Vertical Storage Rack Shelf 4 Tiers Floor Cabinet Tower Shelf Cabinet White Wood Plastic Board Bathroom Storage Corner Floor Cabinet Anti-Corrosion Toilet Cabinet Bathroom Storage Cabinet
Color Black and White White White White White White
Material Particle Board Wood-Plastic Board WPC Wood-Plastic Board Wood Plastic Board Wood-plastic board
Size 11.8x23.4x23.2in Approx. 60x30x60cm / 23.6x11.8x23.6in Approx. 120x22x20cm / 47.2x8.7x7.9in Approx. 80 * 15.5 * 15cm / 31.5 * 6.1 * 5.9inch 125.00*29.00*8.00 cm 7.5*8.5*30.3in
Load-bearing 40kg/88.18lb 20kg 5kg / 55.1lb Overall, 5kg / 11.0lb Per Layer 5kg 5kg 5kg

Bathroom Vanity Cabinet, Freestanding Double Doors Under Sink Ca

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