Home Kitchen , Furniture,50",Unit,Gl,Cabinet,$175,2,TV,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Media,Entertainment,White,Console,/category/collections/roasts/,Stand $175 White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Media Console Cabinet 2 Gl Home Kitchen Furniture Home Kitchen , Furniture,50",Unit,Gl,Cabinet,$175,2,TV,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Media,Entertainment,White,Console,/category/collections/roasts/,Stand White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Gl Cabinet Console Bombing free shipping Media 2 $175 White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Media Console Cabinet 2 Gl Home Kitchen Furniture White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Gl Cabinet Console Bombing free shipping Media 2

White 50

White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Media Console Cabinet 2 Gl


White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Media Console Cabinet 2 Gl

Product description

This is our brand new modern TV stand, which brings a dramatic contemporary styling to your home with its elegant finish. The top can support TVs up to 50 inches, and the 4 shelves help you storage necessary media or gaming devices. Our TV stand is more than a TV stand, it is a piece of furniture for your home. With a clean edged top, rectangular legs, delicate glass, and classic circular handles, our distinctive TV stand creates a warm and charming atmosphere for your home or office. This TV Stand is designed to blend into a variety of living and family room settings. With its casual contemporary style, this exquisite collection is a relaxed look that fits anywhere.

Color: white
Material: wood and glass
Overall Size: 45” x 19” x 24”(L x W x H)
Weight: 59.3 LBS
Capacity Weight: 44 LBS

Package includes
1 x TV stand
1 x instruction

Please refer to the dimension and size of the product before purchasing.

White 50" TV Stand Unit Entertainment Media Console Cabinet 2 Gl

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