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Lazy One Men's Sleep All stores are sold Shorts Shor Shirt Matching Set price Sleepwear

Lazy One Men's Sleep Shorts Set, Matching Sleepwear Shirt Shor


Lazy One Men's Sleep Shorts Set, Matching Sleepwear Shirt Shor

Product description

Add a little novelty to your day, or night, with LazyOne! This set comes with a roomy men's box tee with raglan sleeves and knee-length shorts designed with an encased elastic band, drawstring, and button fly. Made from 100% combed cotton knit, the fabric is super light, so you can sleep cool and dream heavy on hot summer nights. Plus, the sleeping shorts have pockets! These cotton pajamas are perfect for wearing during midnight kitchen raids and long movie nights. Like all of our apparel, they come in several fun designs to let you add personality to your pajamas. Our matching men's pajama shorts set will help you say what you're feeling on your sleepwear and might also give you a way to share that mood with others if you're just too lazy to chat. Our permanent, no-fade prints will make sure those quirky patterns and sayings are long lasting. This set is made from preshrunk cotton, so it's safe to put in the washing machine. Make sure to wash cold with like colors, tumble dry on low, and use nonchlorine bleach if needed.

LazyOne makes loungewear in various forms for the whole family! Babies, kids, and adults can find socks, slippers, pajamas, and comfy items of all kinds that add just a little something extra to your day when you wear them or gift them. Sometimes it just takes the little things to make someone smile, and that's where our cozy novelty wear comes in!

Lazy One Men's Sleep Shorts Set, Matching Sleepwear Shirt Shor

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