$27 Hard Hat Construction OSHA Hardhats, Men Women Safety Helmet, Ca Tools Home Improvement Safety Security $27 Hard Hat Construction OSHA Hardhats, Men Women Safety Helmet, Ca Tools Home Improvement Safety Security Hard Hat Construction OSHA Under blast sales Hardhats Ca Safety Helmet Men Women Hard Hat Construction OSHA Under blast sales Hardhats Ca Safety Helmet Men Women Hard,Hat,/celiomyomotomy590657.html,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Safety,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Helmet,,$27,OSHA,Men,Construction,Ca,Hardhats,,Women Hard,Hat,/celiomyomotomy590657.html,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Safety,Tools Home Improvement , Safety Security,Helmet,,$27,OSHA,Men,Construction,Ca,Hardhats,,Women

Hard Hat Construction OSHA Under blast sales Hardhats Ca Safety Max 59% OFF Helmet Men Women

Hard Hat Construction OSHA Hardhats, Men Women Safety Helmet, Ca


Hard Hat Construction OSHA Hardhats, Men Women Safety Helmet, Ca

Product description

Color:The Captain

Workplace safety should always be taken seriously.

Accidents happen even to the most diligent amp; experienced professionals. In many of these cases, proper PPE is the difference between an interesting story to tell at the bar and a horrible injury.

That’s why companies, employees, amp; independent contractors place a strong emphasis on workplace safety precautions. Wearing adequate safety gear is a must whenever you’re on-site.

But that doesn’t mean your equipment needs to be dull amp; boring.

SHIELD YOURSELF - Unique The Captain Modern Design. Finally, a hard hat that meets your safety and fashion requirements, Working hard has never looked so good!

Stay protected while being comfortable amp; stylish with the AcerPal Cap Style Customized Pyramex Hard Hat!

Our work helmets are made of high-quality ABS, giving them impressive durability amp; strength while still being incredibly lightweight. The large, Cap Style design provides coverage from all angles.

Choose from a wide range of unique patterns amp; lively colors to add a personal touch to your PPE! From shades of camo amp; cool flames to symbols of democracy amp; freedom, our designs are sure to impress.

Quality matters, which is why these helmets are compliant with OSHA, ANSI/ISEA Z89. 1-2014, amp; various other industry standards. The 6-point ratchet harness lets you adjust the fit to your liking, and the replaceable soft brow pad offers added comfort.

Not convinced yet? Here are a few more things you should know about our safety helmets:

? 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind
? Friendly customer service team ready to assist at any time
? Dimensions: 31 cm x 27 cm x 15.2 cm
? Shell Thickness: 1.7 mm - 4 mm
? Weight: .83 lbs
Don’t settle for less than ideal protection. Add the AcerPal Cap Style Pyramex Hard Hat to your cart today!

Hard Hat Construction OSHA Hardhats, Men Women Safety Helmet, Ca

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