Office Products , Office School Supplies,Flat-Clinch,EH-70F,$160,NO70FE,Model,/chalicotherioid1330254.html,Max,Brand,Staple,,for,Cartridge,E Manufacturer OFFicial shop Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple EH-70F for Cartridge Flat-Clinch E Manufacturer OFFicial shop Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple EH-70F for Cartridge Flat-Clinch E Office Products , Office School Supplies,Flat-Clinch,EH-70F,$160,NO70FE,Model,/chalicotherioid1330254.html,Max,Brand,Staple,,for,Cartridge,E $160 Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple Cartridge for EH-70F Flat-Clinch E Office Products Office School Supplies $160 Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple Cartridge for EH-70F Flat-Clinch E Office Products Office School Supplies

Manufacturer OFFicial shop Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple EH-70F for Cartridge Flat-Clinch E Max 61% OFF

Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple Cartridge for EH-70F Flat-Clinch E


Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple Cartridge for EH-70F Flat-Clinch E

Product description

Size:4 Box 5/16 In

Staple Cartridge is designed for use with Max USA Flat Clinch Electronic cartridge stapler EH-70F. Each staple fastens two to 70 sheets. Easy to snap in. Crown is 7/16", and leg length is 5/16".

Brand Max Model NO70FE Staple Cartridge for EH-70F Flat-Clinch E

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