Leveling,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Tile,/chalicotherioid565354.html,Tile,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,$119,600W,Organizer,Mgcdd-Car,1,Vibrator,,Machine, Mgcdd-Car online shopping Organizer Tile Leveling 600W Vibrator Machine 1 Leveling,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Tile,/chalicotherioid565354.html,Tile,Tools Home Improvement , Building Supplies,$119,600W,Organizer,Mgcdd-Car,1,Vibrator,,Machine, Mgcdd-Car online shopping Organizer Tile Leveling 600W Vibrator Machine 1 $119 Mgcdd-Car Organizer Tile Leveling Machine, 600W Tile Vibrator, 1 Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies $119 Mgcdd-Car Organizer Tile Leveling Machine, 600W Tile Vibrator, 1 Tools Home Improvement Building Supplies

Mgcdd-Car online shopping Organizer Tile Leveling 600W Vibrator Machine Our shop most popular 1

Mgcdd-Car Organizer Tile Leveling Machine, 600W Tile Vibrator, 1


Mgcdd-Car Organizer Tile Leveling Machine, 600W Tile Vibrator, 1

Product description


1. Suitable for wall tiles and small floor tiles: used for the movement and installation of floor tiles and wall tiles, greatly improving work efficiency.

2. Intelligent frequency control: multi-position adjustment

3. Super adsorption capacity: 100kg super adsorption capacity, easy to stick tiles.

4. One-button vibration, uniform force: the vibration frequency can be adjusted according to the size of the brick, the position of the brick can be corrected, and the efficiency can be improved.

5. Battery life: Built-in 3000mAh lithium battery, fast charging speed and long battery life.

6. One-handed operation: Stable and safe operation makes your work easier, suitable for engineering teams and family use.


Power: 600W

Input: 220V-240V 50-60HZ

Output: 10.8V-12.8V

Battery capacity: 3000mAh

Lithium battery capacity: 12VF

Charging time: 3H

Working time:gt; 15H

Vibration frequency: 12000r/min

Vibration speed: 6 speed adjustable

Adsorption strength: 100Kg

Suction cup diameter: 12.8cm / 5"

Applicable tiles: max 100x100cm

Product weight: 1200g

Service life: The battery can be used for 5 hours after fully charged

Head material: aluminum-magnesium alloy, stainless steel

Purpose: decoration team, decoration project

Application: ceramic tile wall tiles

Package Included:

1 x tiler
Charger + storage box

Mgcdd-Car Organizer Tile Leveling Machine, 600W Tile Vibrator, 1

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