Original Milwaukee Mall ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack Reservoir With Mouthb Original Milwaukee Mall ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack Reservoir With Mouthb $38 Original ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack | With Reservoir | Mouthb Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 2,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Original,/dialyzator1130101.html,With,ALANDIA,|,Mouthb,Pack,Glass,$38,Reservoir,Absinthe,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,| 2,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Original,/dialyzator1130101.html,With,ALANDIA,|,Mouthb,Pack,Glass,$38,Reservoir,Absinthe,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,| $38 Original ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack | With Reservoir | Mouthb Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Original Milwaukee Mall ALANDIA Absinthe Credence Glass 2 Pack Reservoir With Mouthb

Original ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack | With Reservoir | Mouthb


Original ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack | With Reservoir | Mouthb

Product Description

This Absinthe Glass Pack has the perfect glasses for your personal Absinthe drinking experiecne (Heure Verte). The glasses are authentic reproductions of a vintage original: The famous "Pontarlier" Absinthe glass from the Belle Époque era! It is world renowned after being featured in a painting made by Charles Maire for the most popular Absinthe brand of the 19th century, Pernod Fils. You can see the original painting in the photo gallery. Made by ALANDIA Barware the glass is of high-quality, this means it is mouth-blown instead of industrially pressed glass. Therefore no disturbing manufacturing seams are present. The glass has a reservoir in the stem to measure just the right amount of Absinthe (1-1.4 oz.). Like former originals it is nicely cut to add a premium and nostalgic look. Overall, the ALANDIA Absinthe glass is the epitome of an original Absinthe glass. A card with information about the traditional Absinthe ritual complete this beautiful Absinthe accessories set.

NOTE: We want to bring to attention, that the Pontarlier Absinthe glasses are handmade. This means, that every glass is unique. It does not come out of a mold, therefore each glass can vary a bit in shape and thickness of the material used.

It's time for real Absinthe!

Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

ALANDIA Absinthe Glass "Pontarlier"

Material Mouthblown Glass (not pressed)
Capacity 8.4 oz with 1.4 oz reservoir
Design Authentic 19th century design
Brand ALANDIA Barware

Original ALANDIA Absinthe Glass 2 Pack | With Reservoir | Mouthb

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