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KB Contemporary Bench-Silver


KB Contemporary Bench-Silver

Product description

Add elegant extra seating and convenient storage to your sitting room or master suite with this tufted storage bench. Made with a durable hardwood frame and supple leather upholstery, this opulent piece is built to last. Conceal all those shoes, jackets, books, and other items you need to store with easy access in this storage ottoman. The deep, wide compartment gives you plenty of functional space.Features: Convenient storage hidden in tufted leather upholstery bench Contemporary clean, linear lines to go with any decor Versatile and durable that lasts for many yearsKamp;B furniture is a major USA importer and distributor of home furnishing product from around the world. We travel year round to find products that are of high quality and are affordable. We only work with the best factories that maintain the highest standards for production. You can be assured our quality controls are maintained no matter what type of home furnishing products we import.

KB Contemporary Bench-Silver


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