Integy RC Super sale period limited Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Suspension Machined Ki Billet $62 Integy RC Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Billet Machined Suspension Ki Toys Games Vehicles Integy RC Super sale period limited Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Suspension Machined Ki Billet Toys Games , Vehicles,Model,Suspension,/ephetic711249.html,RC,Hop-ups,C26306GREY,Integy,Ki,Billet,Machined,,$62 $62 Integy RC Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Billet Machined Suspension Ki Toys Games Vehicles Toys Games , Vehicles,Model,Suspension,/ephetic711249.html,RC,Hop-ups,C26306GREY,Integy,Ki,Billet,Machined,,$62

Integy RC Super sale period limited Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Suspension Machined Ki Billet shopping

Integy RC Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Billet Machined Suspension Ki


Integy RC Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Billet Machined Suspension Ki

Product description

OVERVIEW: If you like the aluminum look and want to make your HPI Racing 1/10-scale E10 stand out, install our Billet-Machined Suspension Conversion Kit. The kit includes alloy front and rear lower arms, alloy front and rear adjustable upper arms, alloy front knuckles, alloy rear hub carriers, and new ball bearings. The conversion kits are available in blue, green, grey, orange, purple, red, or silver anodized color schemes. NOTE: Instructions for installation are not included; if you do not know how to install the part, please ask your local dealer for assistance. All products require some prep out of the package - some components are assembled for packaging purposes only, so we strongly recommend that you check all metal-to-metal fasteners for tightness, check fitment and adjust if needed, and use liquid threadlock where applicable. Failure to do so is not a warranty-related incident. Extra hardware, shims, or spacers may be required for some installations. Some parts may require permanent modification to the vehicle for fitment, and may eliminate certain OEM features. Some Integy-branded items may be only compatible with the vehicle's OEM parts but not with another Integy-branded item due to design language. For multiple-fitment items, some parts may not be used based on application. Item C26306GREY Barcode: 91789023163

Integy RC Model Hop-ups C26306GREY Billet Machined Suspension Ki

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