$28 HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths 60x90inch, Funny Skull Skeleton Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Lowest price challenge HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths Skeleton Skull 60x90inch Funny Skeleton,Funny,Rectangle,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Table,/ephetic891949.html,Skull,HELLOWINK,Cloths,$28,60x90inch, $28 HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths 60x90inch, Funny Skull Skeleton Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Lowest price challenge HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths Skeleton Skull 60x90inch Funny Skeleton,Funny,Rectangle,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Table,/ephetic891949.html,Skull,HELLOWINK,Cloths,$28,60x90inch,

Lowest price challenge HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths Skeleton Skull 60x90inch Funny Minneapolis Mall

HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths 60x90inch, Funny Skull Skeleton


HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths 60x90inch, Funny Skull Skeleton

Product description



Our Burlap Table Cloth complement your table settings by adding color, texture and a unifying element to your tablescape.
Instantly freshen up any table setting, add a touch of elegance and bring a sense of tradition to all your occasions with your very own personalized table cloth.


- The steam iron can be used to get wrinkles away.(Shipment fold flat, wrinkles exist)
- Hand wash or gently machine wash with mild fabric detergent.
- Bleach is not recommended.
- Hanging dry.
- Do not twist, stretch or wring. Avoid vigorous scrubbing.

- 53x53inch=133x133cm
- 54x54inch=138x138cm
- 60x60inch=153x153cm
- 53x70inch=133x178cm
- 54x79inch=138x200cm
- 54x87inch=138x220cm
- 54x109inch=138x275cm
- 54x120inch=138x305cm
- 60x84inch=153x214cm
- 60x90inch=153x229cm
- 60x104inch=153x265cm
- 60x120inch=153x305cm
- 60x140inch=153x356cm
- 60x162inch=153x412cm

- The real merchandise u will receive might slightly slightly with the photo presented design due to the fabric material trimming procedure.
- Due to hand cut and hand controlled sewing, the size with bigger or smaller 5% is permitted.
- Please understand that Our products are photographed in Natural light to show it's true color. However there can be slight variations as the runner is made of linen which is a natural fabric. This only make each batch unique and adds depth to the product. Variations can also happen due to color settings of each monitor.

Thank you for your like! To view more of our products visit our store-HELLOWINK!

HELLOWINK Rectangle Table Cloths 60x90inch, Funny Skull Skeleton

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