Ball,Junior,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pastorelli,Gym,cm,16,$23,/geogonic1077095.html, Pastorelli Junior Gym 16 Ball Recommended cm $23 Pastorelli Junior Gym Ball 16 cm Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Pastorelli Junior Gym 16 Ball Recommended cm Ball,Junior,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Pastorelli,Gym,cm,16,$23,/geogonic1077095.html, $23 Pastorelli Junior Gym Ball 16 cm Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

Pastorelli Junior Gym 16 Ball Recommended cm Cheap mail order sales

Pastorelli Junior Gym Ball 16 cm


Pastorelli Junior Gym Ball 16 cm

Product description

PASTORELLI monochromatic gym ball, designed for beginners. Characteristic features: Internal air chamber High grip Extremely nice appearence made of very soft rubber and bounces even with small exerted force excellent shape that keeps it free of vibrations when thrown and rolled Not FIG approved , diameter 16 cm, weight 320 gr

Pastorelli Junior Gym Ball 16 cm

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