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Product description


The 7645 Plain Toe Boot is a full-grain leather work boot from Avenger packed with comfort and protective features. Comfort features include a removable double cushioned sockliner and a padded collar and tongue. The Avenger 7645 is a 6" hammer soft toe boot with a wide array of protection for work. The outsole is a heat, oil, and slip-resistant Nitrile rubber with a 90 deg. heel for greater safety. A Lenzi puncture-resistant plate and flex welt construction mean this boot is built to last. The leather upper is also made with a waterproof membrane construction.

The black boots feature hiking boot styling that's a great choice for daily wear. They're comfortable enough to feel like athletic shoes, but packed with the safety features you need to get the job done.

Despite being safety toe boots, this is non-metallic footwear. You can easily get through metal detectors and there's no exposed metal that could scratch surfaces.


Waterproof - No matter what the weather or working conditions, our waterproof work boots, featuring both membrane and seam-sealed styles, help keep your feet safe, dry, and comfortable.

Puncture Resistant - Puncture Resistant boots feature a flexible, full-sole PR plate designed to reduce the hazards of puncture wounds caused by sharp objects penetrating the sole.

No Exposed Metal - “No Exposed Metal” styles are designed so no exposed component will scratch or mark any working surfaces, offering less risk of damage to them and peace-of-mind for employers.

Slip Resistant - There are no government regulations standardizing slip resistance however all FSI styles marked with a Slip Resistant Icon fall into the Better or above category according to industry standards.


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