$616 ICAN 26er Fat Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Width Snow Bicycle Wheel Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation ICAN 26er Fat Limited Special Price Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Snow Wheel Bicycle Width $616 ICAN 26er Fat Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Width Snow Bicycle Wheel Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation ICAN 26er Fat Limited Special Price Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Snow Wheel Bicycle Width Wheelset,Bike,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,90mm,ICAN,26er,/hoseman1077615.html,Width,$616,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Wheel,Carbon,Fat,Bicycle,Snow Wheelset,Bike,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,90mm,ICAN,26er,/hoseman1077615.html,Width,$616,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Wheel,Carbon,Fat,Bicycle,Snow

ICAN 26er Fat Limited Special Price Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Snow Wheel Ranking TOP14 Bicycle Width

ICAN 26er Fat Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Width Snow Bicycle Wheel


ICAN 26er Fat Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Width Snow Bicycle Wheel

Product description

ICAN 90mm Carbon Snow Bike Wheelset

Recommended For: Fat Bike, Mountain Bikes, beach cruiser, Off-road Bike
Front Wheel:
Width: 20mm
Depth: 90mm
Hub size: 135×15/150×15mm(thru axle)
Hub: Powerway M74 2 sealed bearings
Spoke: CN Round Spokes
Spoke Pattern: 3 cross
Nipple: Alloy

Rear Wheel:
Width: 20mm
Depth: 90mm
Hub size: 190×12/197×12mm(thru axle)
Hub: Powerway M74 2 sealed bearings
Cassette Compatibility: Shiman0 10/11 speeds (Sram XD driver 10/11 speeds)
Spoke: CN Round Spokes
Spoke Pattern: 3 cross
Nipple: Alloy
Weight: 1250+-20g

Other Parameters:
Total weight: 2350+-40g
Guarantee 2 years

ICAN 26er Fat Bike Carbon Wheelset 90mm Width Snow Bicycle Wheel


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