Trim,for,ABS,,Frame,/hysterocystic1077403.html,Plastic,Car-Styling,Decorate,Seat,Cover,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Side,$23 ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Cover Trim Frame Decorate New product! New type for $23 ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Decorate Frame Cover Trim for Automotive Interior Accessories ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Cover Trim Frame Decorate New product! New type for $23 ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Decorate Frame Cover Trim for Automotive Interior Accessories Trim,for,ABS,,Frame,/hysterocystic1077403.html,Plastic,Car-Styling,Decorate,Seat,Cover,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Side,$23

ABS Limited price Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Cover Trim Frame Decorate New product type for

ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Decorate Frame Cover Trim for


ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Decorate Frame Cover Trim for

Product description

Color:Matte Silver

Carbon fiber Style ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Decorate Frame Cover Trim for Maserati Levante Ghibli Quattroporte
Material: ABS plastic
Vehicle Specific:
for Maserati Levante 2016-2018
for Maserati Ghibli 2016
for Maserati Quattroporte 2016
Color: as the picture
Enhances both style and performance
Designed exclusively for car Sedan/SUV
Manufactured using premium-grade materials
Direct fit - easy to install
Easy to instal, following the instruction you can install them in seconds.
Installation method:
1)Clean the surface, keep dry and clean.
2)Paste and install.(there were auto adhesive glue in the trim back)
3) Please press hard especially on the edges at least 2 mins after installing.
4) Using hair dryer(hot air blowing) in cold weather.
5) Please keep away from water and keep dry after been installed within 72 hours/3 days.

ABS Plastic Car-Styling Seat Side Decorate Frame Cover Trim for

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