Magnetic,with,/ingathering1000671.html,Sweeper,22",,Release,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Floor,$44 Magnetic,with,/ingathering1000671.html,Sweeper,22",,Release,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Floor,$44 quality assurance 22" Magnetic Floor Release Sweeper with $44 22" Magnetic Floor Sweeper with Release Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools quality assurance 22" Magnetic Floor Release Sweeper with $44 22" Magnetic Floor Sweeper with Release Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

Milwaukee Mall quality assurance 22

22" Magnetic Floor Sweeper with Release


22" Magnetic Floor Sweeper with Release

Product description

This magnetic floor sweeper keeps your garage and metal shop clear of screws, nails, nuts and metal shavings on the floor! The magnets in this floor sweeper are powerful enough to pull 9 lbs. of metal from hard surfaces and low carpet. Features include a one-pull release to quickly clear debris from the sweeper. An ideal magnetic floor sweeper to increase safety by clearing sharp metal, retrieve nuts or bolts and prevent flat tires over loose nails!

22" Magnetic Floor Sweeper with Release

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