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nuLOOM Rhombi Modern Fort Worth Mall Trellis Area Rug x Sale price 6' 7

nuLOOM Rhombi Modern Trellis Area Rug, 6' 7" x 9', Beige


nuLOOM Rhombi Modern Trellis Area Rug, 6' 7" x 9', Beige

From the manufacturer

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nuLOOM Non-Slip Grip Rug Pad nuLOOM Ultra Premium Non-Slip Felt Thick Rug Pad
Features Basic Premium
Material PVC 100% Recycled Synthetic Fibers
Thickness 0.15 0.25
Cut to Size

nuLOOM Rhombi Modern Trellis Area Rug, 6' 7" x 9', Beige

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We are a leading supplier to the global Life Science industry with solutions and services for research, biotechnology development and production, and pharmaceutical drug therapy development and production.

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