Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,/ingathering1163671.html,Rain,Gear,Crew,Jacket,Fishing,$94,Stormline,255,,(Medium) $94 Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Rain Gear Jacket (Medium) Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $94 Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Rain Gear Jacket (Medium) Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,/ingathering1163671.html,Rain,Gear,Crew,Jacket,Fishing,$94,Stormline,255,,(Medium) Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Medium Gear Finally popular brand Jacket Rain Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Medium Gear Finally popular brand Jacket Rain

Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Medium Gear Max 49% OFF Finally popular brand Jacket Rain

Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Rain Gear Jacket (Medium)


Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Rain Gear Jacket (Medium)

Product Description

A heavy-duty raglan commercial rain gear jacket designed for the active fishing professional and aquaculture. The Crew 255 Fishing Jacket features single-layer PVC for extra strength while not compromising on its lighter design. The fishing jacket is made from 650 gsm blue PVC, ensuring it withstands even the harshest abrasion.

We know how essential mobility is for commercial fishing jackets and for fishing wear in general. The 255 Fishing Jacket delivers this with the raglan arm sleeve, ensuring a full range of movement and more room compared to the traditional drop sleeve design. Elastic cuffs keep the water out, the heavy-duty YKK zipper is built to last, while the velcro storm flap protects you from even the most persistent wind and rain. Our fishing jackets are designed to be worn with our other fishing clothing items, in particular, the crew 640 or crew 654 bib overalls.

This fishing jacket is 100% waterproof with double welded seams and an adjustable two-piece hood that can be worn with or without a helmet meaning you’ll always be safe from hazards and protected from the weather. This waterproof fishing jacket also includes a lot of internal chest waterproof pockets and other handy pockets which can fit a phone or other essential smaller items.

  • 650 gsm PVC in blue for extra strength and durability.
  • 480 gsm Neon on arms and hood.
  • Full-length Heavy-duty Reinforced YKK Vislon Zip – The zip we fit to our fishing jackets and other waterproof jackets is tough and can withstand anything that’s thrown at it. We know that day-to-day on a commercial fishing boat is challenging and the last thing you want to do is worry about the zip. With our waterproof jacket, you won’t have to.
  • Velcro Storm Flap – This flap will keep everything on your waterproof jacket snug and protected from the elements. And, because it’s velcro it can be opened and closed when you’re wearing thick gloves.
  • Adjustable Two-piece Hood That Fits Over Helmets – This feature of the fishing jacket was important to us. Safety on a commercial fishing boat or working on a fish farm is paramount, but that doesn’t mean you, the offshore fisherman, should sacrifice comfort and protection from the weather.
  • Elastic Cuffs for Water Protection and Comfort – Tweak your waterproof jacket to fit even better with our elastic cuffs. Loosen or tighten depending on your need at the time.
  • Neon for Hi-visibility on Arms and Hood – Never worry about not being seen by your crew and colleagues. This waterproof jacket features neon sections that ensure you’re spotted.
  • Raglan Arm Sleeve for Improved Ease of Movement – Enjoy a full range of movements and never feel restricted in your fishing jacket. The raglan arm sleeves move with you and always give you complete protection.
  • Internal Chest Pocket – Put any tools needed to get the job done in this handy pocket. Its easy access means you won’t have to fiddle around with zipping or velcro patches.

Stormline Crew 255 Fishing Rain Gear Jacket (Medium)

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