Recommended UAYESOK 4.3inch 110mm NMO Magnetic with Base 16.4ft 5M Mount Base,,5M(16.4ft),Magnetic,UAYESOK,(110mm),Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Mount,with,$30,NMO,4.3inch,/ingathering1216371.html Recommended UAYESOK 4.3inch 110mm NMO Magnetic with Base 16.4ft 5M Mount Base,,5M(16.4ft),Magnetic,UAYESOK,(110mm),Electronics , Portable Audio Video,Mount,with,$30,NMO,4.3inch,/ingathering1216371.html $30 UAYESOK 4.3inch (110mm) NMO Magnetic Mount Base with 5M(16.4ft) Electronics Portable Audio Video $30 UAYESOK 4.3inch (110mm) NMO Magnetic Mount Base with 5M(16.4ft) Electronics Portable Audio Video

Recommended UAYESOK 4.3inch 110mm NMO Magnetic with ! Super beauty product restock quality top! Base 16.4ft 5M Mount

UAYESOK 4.3inch (110mm) NMO Magnetic Mount Base with 5M(16.4ft)


UAYESOK 4.3inch (110mm) NMO Magnetic Mount Base with 5M(16.4ft)

Product Description

Specification of the antenna

Frequency 136-174MHZ/400-470MHz
Connector International standard NMO connector
VSWR lt; 1.5
Gain 144MHz (3.0dBi),430MHz(5.0dBi)
Maximum Power Input-watts 100W
Impedance 50Ω
Polarization Vertical
Lighting Protection Direct Ground
Radiation Omni
Length 20.27inch
Weight 160g
materials stainless steel

Installation Positions:

The ideal location for antenna installation is right in the middle of the roof,because of the aesthetic,driving safety and other factors, antenna mounted on the roof is not need to choose a location that is as close to ideal as possible according the model of your car.

Technical support:


1 2 3 4 5 6
NMO VHF ANTENNA NMO UHF ANTENNA DUAL BAND NMO ANTENNA 150MM(5.9inch) NMO Magnetic Base 90MM(3.5inch) NMO Magnetic Base + DUAL BAND ANTENNA 90MM(3.5inch) NMO Magnetic Base
Frequency 136-174MHZ 400-470MHZ 144/430MHZ - - -
Gain 2.5dBi 2.5dBi 144MHz (3.0dBi),430MHz(5.0dBi) - - -
VSWR lt; 1.5 lt; 1.5 lt; 1.5 - - -
Maximum Power Input-watts 150W 150W 100W - - -
Length 17.8" 6.4" 20" - - -
Cable Length - - - 16.4ft/about 5m RG-58 cable 16.4ft/about 5m RG-58 cable 16.4ft/about 5m RG-58 cable

UAYESOK 4.3inch (110mm) NMO Magnetic Mount Base with 5M(16.4ft)

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