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2021 Holdwell DC Converter Max 69% OFF 48V to 12V Reducer 30amp Down 30A 360 Step

Holdwell DC Converter 48V to 12V Step Down Reducer 30A 30amp 360


Holdwell DC Converter 48V to 12V Step Down Reducer 30A 30amp 360

Product description

DC/DC converter applies advanced technology and is configured specifically compatible with electric vehicles,like golf cart,E-socket. It is very suitable to supply power to the lamp and audio system as it is very stable and clean. The advantages of high efficiency, stability and compact size, are achieved by adopting the advanced high frequency technology. Now it comes with Water Proof

Don't use it to charge a battery!!! Because the battery charging needs the converter to keep max current until the battery is fully charged and It will burn down the converter.

Input Voltage: 48V
Input voltage range: 36V---60V
Output Voltage: DC 12V
Output Current: 30A
Maximum Efficiency: ≥ 90%
Environmental Enclosure: IP55
Shock and Vibration: SAEJ1378
Safety-North America: UL2202/UL1564 2nd Edition
Emissions- North America: FCC Part 15/ICES 003 Class A
Immunity-Europe: EN61000-4-2/3/5/6/11
Operating Temperature: -20℃-50℃
Weight: 0.77kgs
Unit Measures: 185mm*92mm*45mm

Holdwell DC Converter 48V to 12V Step Down Reducer 30A 30amp 360

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Yellow vacation to for 2. 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