$98 Samsung WE402NP/A3 Pedestal Pededstal, Platinum Appliances Parts Accessories Samsung WE402NP A3 Pedestal Pededstal Platinum Great interest $98 Samsung WE402NP/A3 Pedestal Pededstal, Platinum Appliances Parts Accessories Samsung WE402NP A3 Pedestal Pededstal Platinum Great interest Pedestal,Pededstal,,Appliances , Parts Accessories,Samsung,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,$98,Platinum,/intervenant1077397.html,WE402NP/A3 Pedestal,Pededstal,,Appliances , Parts Accessories,Samsung,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,$98,Platinum,/intervenant1077397.html,WE402NP/A3

Samsung WE402NP Max 48% OFF A3 Pedestal Pededstal Platinum Great interest

Samsung WE402NP/A3 Pedestal Pededstal, Platinum


Samsung WE402NP/A3 Pedestal Pededstal, Platinum

Product description


The Samsung 27" Laundry Pedestal is designed to elevate your laundry machines for a comfortable and convenient loading and unloading experience Your laundry room stays neat thanks to the easy-to-access, built-in storage drawer The platinum-colored pedestal is 27" x 142" x 281" (WxHxD) with a net weight of 366 lbs For years, Samsung has brought superior home appliances and electronics to customers near and far

Samsung WE402NP/A3 Pedestal Pededstal, Platinum

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