$70 Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Piece All Weather Car Mat for Automotive Interior Accessories Koolatron,Saver,Mat,/intervenant1077597.html,4,$70,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Custom,All,Piece,Weather,Car,for,Fit,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Pants Koolatron,Saver,Mat,/intervenant1077597.html,4,$70,Automotive , Interior Accessories,Custom,All,Piece,Weather,Car,for,Fit,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Pants Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Car for All Weather Piece Milwaukee Mall Mat Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Car for All Weather Piece Milwaukee Mall Mat $70 Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Piece All Weather Car Mat for Automotive Interior Accessories

Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Car for All Weather Piece Milwaukee Mall Mat Ranking TOP6

Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Piece All Weather Car Mat for


Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Piece All Weather Car Mat for

Product description


These Custom Fit Car Mats have been made specifically for your Vehicle. The mats come ready to fit into your vehicle with no cutting required. They have been uniquely designed to exceed unprecedented standards in safety, performance and durability. Following years of research and development by Custom and their partners around the world, the new Custom Fit Car Mats are the first custom fit car mats on the retail market that meet those criteria, designed especially for the most popular vehicle models on America's roads today. Safety first-Custom Fit Car Mats feature 3 Security Systems designed to keep them firmly in place. Their new and innovative Precision Grip Zone Area includes a non-slip, anti-skid backing, while Anchor Holes firmly fix the mat in place. Custom Fit Car Mats feature a built-in central pan that holds up to 500ml of water from rain or melting snow. Channel grooves direct water to the central pan, while strategically located ridges retain dirt, mud, snow, water and sand. The mat's high border assures maximum anti-spill protection. Custom Fit Car Mats perform well beyond industry standards. Custom Fit mats are very durable in all weather conditions. Custom Fit Car Mats offer a unique exclusive design with all-season protection features, and are the only mats made from 100-percentage recycled PVC-the most durable yet flexible material available today.

From the manufacturer

Koolatron Pants Saver Custom Fit 4 Piece All Weather Car Mat for

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