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Product TheVinylGuru Softball Wall Decal Sticker in. Color: Size: 48 - Fixed price for sale

TheVinylGuru Softball Wall Decal Sticker - Size: 48 in. | Color:


TheVinylGuru Softball Wall Decal Sticker - Size: 48 in. | Color:

Product description

Size:48 in. (21.7"W x 48"H)

This softball wall decal sticker is made from high quality removable vinyl that is safe for your family, pets, and walls. It is pre-pasted on a transfer sheet and comes ready to apply. Your female player ranges from small to large, making it convenient to choose the right size for your project.
The removable batter silhouette provides and easy and affordable way to decorate girl themed room design, adding an elegant and entertaining silhouette that amazes friends and family. Easy to stick and easy to remove. Follow our sport girl wall art installation instructions and enjoy the results.
Your player figure graphic is securely packed and includes installation instructions.

The Vinyl Guru offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee in all our products. Our home decor facility manufactures high quality products entirely made in the USA. Family owned and operated, our company believes in the value of family and friendship, understanding that it is important to make products that are unique, long-lasting, safe, and easy to use. Each order is unique for us and we carefully produce it to meet your needs for an easy solution to home improvements projects and home decoration.

TheVinylGuru Softball Wall Decal Sticker - Size: 48 in. | Color:

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