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Burton Ion BOA Boots Mens Super intense SALE Indefinitely Snowboard

Burton Ion BOA Mens Snowboard Boots


Burton Ion BOA Mens Snowboard Boots

Product Description



Raising the bar yet again with the ultimate zonal fit control of the BOA Fit System.

Setting the bar higher in every discipline, the men's Burton Ion BOA Snowboard Boot features BOA Fit System for an optimized fit. Built to charge hard across the entire mountain, the Ion is legendary for its stacked tech package upgraded with our Life Liner for lightweight comfort and enhanced rebound. The full feature list includes AutoCANT EST soles for natural lower body alignment and superior board feel, DRYRIDE Heat Cycle for enhanced warmth and moisture wicking, and ReBounce tech that both reflects body heat and cushions consistently in freezing conditions.



Dual-Zone High Power Focus BOA Fit System featuring Coiler technology features two independent lacing zones that can be simultaneously adjusted with the twist of a dial for a custom fit in both the upper and lower portions of the boot, New England Ropes use American-made fibers and are virtually indestructible, won't kink, and are easy to re-lace










Burton Ion BOA Mens Snowboard Boots

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