Tester,IPC-9800ADHS,IP,Tou,Plus,NOYAFA,IPS,Upgraded,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,/intravaginal891622.html,7inch,Camera,Electronics , Security Surveillance,$273 $273 NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera Tester 7inch IPS Tou Electronics Security Surveillance NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera OFFicial site 7inch IPS Tester Tou $273 NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera Tester 7inch IPS Tou Electronics Security Surveillance NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera OFFicial site 7inch IPS Tester Tou Tester,IPC-9800ADHS,IP,Tou,Plus,NOYAFA,IPS,Upgraded,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,/intravaginal891622.html,7inch,Camera,Electronics , Security Surveillance,$273

NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus safety IP Camera OFFicial site 7inch IPS Tester Tou

NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera Tester 7inch IPS Tou


NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera Tester 7inch IPS Tou

From the manufacturer

Video Mode 1 channel BNC input amp; 1 channel BNC looped output, NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt).CVBS loop test can send and receive color bar generator signal to check BNC cable.
IPamp; CVBS test IP amp; CVBS test at the same time, converter test from analog to digital with dual test window
Coaxial HD test * 8MP TVI /CVI/AHD camera test,3840 x 2160P 15 FPS, UTC control amp; call OSD menu *
Color bar generator Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable
PoE power output 48V PoE power output, max power 24W
UTP cable test Test UTP cable connection status and display on the screen. Read the number on the screen
RJ45 cable TDR test Test cable pair status, length, attenuation, reflectivity, impedance, skew etc. measurement range 180M.
TesterPlay Screen projection: Tester, mobile phone and PC display at the same time (For android version mobile phone)
Network test Trace route, Link monitor, DHCP server, port flashing, Ping test
Wi-Fi Built in WIFI, speeds 150M, display wireless camera image
Audio test 1 channel audio signal input, test whether sound normal, 1 channel audio signal, to connect headphone
Data monitor Captures and analyzes the command data from controlling device, also can send hexadecimal
PoE test Measurement PoE switch or PSE power supply voltage and cable connection status
Operation setting OSD menu, select your desired language: English, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Italian, French, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish etc
Auto off 1-30 (mins)
Dimension/Weight 240mm x 154mm x 46mm / 2KG

NOYAFA Upgraded IPC-9800ADHS Plus IP Camera Tester 7inch IPS Tou

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