Fees free!! BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer in Dark Cabinet Rack Storage $144 BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer Storage Cabinet Rack in Dark Home Kitchen Storage Organization Fees free!! BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer in Dark Cabinet Rack Storage Shelf,4,Storage,Dark,Organizer,in,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,BOWERY,$144,Shoe,Rack,Cabinet,HILL,/isotrehalose892007.html,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization Shelf,4,Storage,Dark,Organizer,in,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,BOWERY,$144,Shoe,Rack,Cabinet,HILL,/isotrehalose892007.html,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization $144 BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer Storage Cabinet Rack in Dark Home Kitchen Storage Organization

Fees free BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer in Dark Cabinet High quality new Rack Storage

BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer Storage Cabinet Rack in Dark


BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer Storage Cabinet Rack in Dark

Product description

Enjoy the visually compelling look of linear styling and a fresh, nature-influenced design. A rustic look makes this shoe cabinet a great choice for a casual space. Minimalist elements join vertical planks on its outer frame, which receives a cool weathered taupe finish. Inside find four shelves behind two doors, and plenty of space to organize shoes and prevent clutter. A dark taupe interior finish offers a perfectly balanced palette.Features:

Rustic two-door shoe cabinet adds character to your entry way
Dark taupe finish brings beach inspired piece to life
Four inside shelves for space
Wood finish: Dark taupe.

Overall Product Dimension: 34.25"H x 31.25"W x 13.5"D
Shelf Depth: 11.5"
Product Weight: 58 lbs
Assembly required: Yes.

BOWERY HILL 4 Shelf Shoe Organizer Storage Cabinet Rack in Dark

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