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Silver-Plated Hand and A surprise price is realized Dog Paw Symbol Award-winning store Genuine Lea Flat Bracelet

Silver-Plated Hand and Dog Paw Symbol Flat Bracelet, Genuine Lea


Silver-Plated Hand and Dog Paw Symbol Flat Bracelet, Genuine Lea

Product description

Our Hand amp; Paw Project wrap style bracelet has a lower profile while still making a bold statement, and features an easy magnetic clasp for a comfortable and secure fit. Available in a variety of colours to match your wardrobe – or your pet!

Made with genuine leather, and the Dog's Paw version of our Hand amp; Paw Project symbol rendered in silver-plated pewter, each bracelet is hand crafted in Canada from European materials.

This beautiful Hand amp; Paw Project design, created by Canadian artist Deborah Groenheyde, depicts a dog's paw held lovingly in a human hand.

It is a tangible reminder of the bonds we share with our pets whether they are walking beside us, when we are separated by distance, or when they have crossed over the rainbow bridge. A portion of all of our sales are donated to an animal charity!

Silver-Plated Hand and Dog Paw Symbol Flat Bracelet, Genuine Lea

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