,Gold,Shower,Corner,Organizer,/latro1130270.html,$44,Aluminum,Wall,Drill,Shelf,No,Corner,Home Kitchen , Bath Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Wall Aluminum Organizer gift Gold $44 Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Gold Aluminum Corner Organizer Wall Home Kitchen Bath,Gold,Shower,Corner,Organizer,/latro1130270.html,$44,Aluminum,Wall,Drill,Shelf,No,Corner,Home Kitchen , Bath $44 Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Gold Aluminum Corner Organizer Wall Home Kitchen Bath Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Wall Aluminum Organizer gift Gold

Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Wall Aluminum Long Beach Mall Organizer gift Gold

Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Gold Aluminum Corner Organizer Wall


Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Gold Aluminum Corner Organizer Wall

Product description


Shower Storage Rack Gold Aluminum Corner Organizer Wall Shelf Shampoo Holder No Drill Bathroom Accessories

【RUSTPROOF MATERIAL】- Our shower shelf is made of strong and sturdy stainless steel, It is non-rust, non-deform and longstanding use.
【SAVE SPACE】- The corner shower caddy is designed for organizing your space, It's very easy to install, Does not damage walls and not require drilling. It is installation at 90 °wall corners and will not take up your extra space.
【DRAIN FAST】- The shower organizer comes in an open grid design for maximum air ventilation and water dripping away. keep your bath products on the bathroom shelf dry and clean.
【LARGE SPACE FOR STORAGE】 Large size with 2 hanging hooks adhesive shower shelf enhances capacity of storage. It is spacious enough to contain many bath supplies and hang body cleaning tools.
【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】It's very wide space and multifunctional, It can storing shampoo, body wash, cream. also suitable for kitchen storage.

Color:Gold/Rose Gold/Black Gold/Black/Sliver
Package Contents:
1 x Bathroom racks
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.

Shower Shelf Corner No Drill Gold Aluminum Corner Organizer Wall

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