Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Person) Super sale Ca and Boat(3 $28 Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Boat(3 Person) and Ca Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Person) Super sale Ca and Boat(3 $28,Ca,Foldable,and,Inflatable,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,,Boat(3,Canopy,for,Person),/libber1216317.html,Asenart $28,Ca,Foldable,and,Inflatable,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,,Boat(3,Canopy,for,Person),/libber1216317.html,Asenart $28 Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Boat(3 Person) and Ca Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Las Vegas Mall Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Person) Super sale Ca and Boat(3

Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Boat(3 Person) and Ca


Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Boat(3 Person) and Ca

Product description

———— No longer suffer the summer sun sun, in the rain and we can hold up a sunny day, let us have a good mood to travel! The amphibious ————

➤ can be fixed by the buckle in the inflatable boat, as the ship's awning.
➤ you can use the tent with the nail to the ground, built into a very stylish fishing tent and resting arbor.

☞Material: glass steel bar + awning
☞Color:Blue and orange
☞Foreign account materials: 210 polyester PU coating
☞Outside the account waterproof index: more than 3000mm
☞Tent bracket: glass steel rod
☞Tooth Material: Iron
☞Hook material: alloy
☞Build situation: need to build
☞Tent structure: single layer accoun

Product Size:
☞packaging size: 19.3*5.5*3.2"
☞Awning size: 65*52*0.04 "
☞Windproof rope : length 58", diameter 0.12"
☞Spike : length 6.3", diameter 0.12"
☞Hook: length 3.75", diameter 0.2"
☞Short support bar : length 16 ", diameter 0.28"
☞Long support bar :length 17.7", diameter 0.3" (Please note that there are errors in manual measurement)

Package Contains:
☞1 * awning
☞4 * support bar (two long and two short)
☞4 * Windproof rope
☞4 * hook

B074LSGVMW, suitable for the Seahawks two people boat
B072JJD3YX, suitable for the Seahawks three people boat
B074N77FJD, suitable for the Seahawks four people boat
Please choose the appropriate awning according to your boat size.

Asenart Foldable Canopy for Inflatable Boat(3 Person) and Ca

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