Wooden Chess Set Folding 3 in Backgammo Checkers 1 Direct stock discount $26 Wooden Chess Set Folding, 3 in 1 Wooden Chess Checkers Backgammo Toys Games Games Accessories Set,Chess,Folding,,3,$26,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Wooden,Backgammo,1,in,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Checkers,Wooden,Chess,/libber892017.html $26 Wooden Chess Set Folding, 3 in 1 Wooden Chess Checkers Backgammo Toys Games Games Accessories Set,Chess,Folding,,3,$26,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Wooden,Backgammo,1,in,Toys Games , Games Accessories,Checkers,Wooden,Chess,/libber892017.html Wooden Chess Set Folding 3 in Backgammo Checkers 1 Direct stock discount

Wooden Chess Set Folding 3 in Backgammo Today's only Checkers 1 Direct stock discount

Wooden Chess Set Folding, 3 in 1 Wooden Chess Checkers Backgammo


Wooden Chess Set Folding, 3 in 1 Wooden Chess Checkers Backgammo

Product description


Wooden Folding Chess Set, Chess Checkers Backgammon 3 in 1 Set, Travel Chess Board Educational Learning Game,

Portable Travel Size, Chess Wooden Folding Chessboard Chess Pieces Chessman


1. Chess material: wood.

2. 5 sizes for you to choice.

3. Chess amp; Checkers amp; Backgammon three kinds of gameplay chess game.

4. Convenient to carry.

5. Travel game.


Chess pieces height(about):

size 24*24 (mm)/0.94*0.94in: King (46), Queen (42), Bishop (32), Knight (28), Rook (20), Pawn (19)

size 29*29 (mm)/1.14*1.14in: King (54), Queen (48), Bishop (43), Knight (37), Rook (32), Pawn (28)

size 34*34 (mm)/1.34*1.34in: King (64), Queen (58), Bishop (50), Knight (40), Rook (36), Pawn (32)

size 39*39 (mm)/1.54*1.54in: King (78), Queen (72), Bishop (57), Knight (45), Rook (40), Pawn (35)

size 44*44 (mm)/1.73*1.73in: King (80), Queen (74), Bishop (59), Knight (53), Rook (44), Pawn (41)

Suitable for:

Children over 4 years of age and adult.

Packing List:

Option 1: Chessboard size: 24*24cm/9.45*9.45in(about)(3 kinds of gameplay)

Option 2: Chessboard size: 29*29cm/11.42*11.42in(about)(3 kinds of gameplay)

Option 3: Chessboard size: 34*34cm/13.39*13.39in(about)(3 kinds of gameplay)

Option 4: Chessboard size: 39*39cm/15.35*15.35in(3 kinds of gameplay)

Option 5: Chessboard size: 44*44cm/17.32*17.32in(3 kinds of gameplay)

Wooden Chess Set Folding, 3 in 1 Wooden Chess Checkers Backgammo

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