$62 Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with Pegs - 4' Long (Solid Red) Home Kitchen Furniture with,Pegs,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,4',$62,Rack,City,Long,/mancipation892014.html,(Solid,Coat,Wall,Sawdust,Home Kitchen , Furniture,-,Red) Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with - Solid 4' Red Pegs 5% OFF Long with,Pegs,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,4',$62,Rack,City,Long,/mancipation892014.html,(Solid,Coat,Wall,Sawdust,Home Kitchen , Furniture,-,Red) Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with - Solid 4' Red Pegs 5% OFF Long $62 Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with Pegs - 4' Long (Solid Red) Home Kitchen Furniture

Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with - Solid 4' Red Pegs Milwaukee Mall 5% OFF Long

Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with Pegs - 4' Long (Solid Red)


Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with Pegs - 4' Long (Solid Red)

Product description

Color:Solid Red

Sawdust City's 4 ft. wood wall coat rack with 8 pegs is a multi-purpose decorative and functional hanging rack for coats, towels, purses, etc.

  • Overall dimensions: 48" W x .75" D x 5.5" H
  • Pegs are 5" apart

Made from Solid Knotty Pine.
  • Rustic Style - expect knots and minor imperfections
  • Sawdust City Wall Coat Rack with Pegs - 4' Long (Solid Red)


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