$57 KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal 0.47" Height X 0.55" W Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive,Door,Universal,Seal,KX,/mediopalatine1163746.html,D-Shape,0.47",0.55",$57,X,Height,W,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Automotive , Replacement Parts KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal X W 0.55" 0.47" 5 popular Height Automotive,Door,Universal,Seal,KX,/mediopalatine1163746.html,D-Shape,0.47",0.55",$57,X,Height,W,nassau.theinspectionboys.com,Automotive , Replacement Parts $57 KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal 0.47" Height X 0.55" W Automotive Replacement Parts KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal X W 0.55" 0.47" 5 popular Height

KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal X W 0.55

KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal 0.47" Height X 0.55" W


KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal 0.47" Height X 0.55" W

Product description

Size:66 FT(20M)

Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal 0.47" Height X 0.55" Width Weather Stripping EPDM Rubber Seal Strip Self Adhesive Car Truck Door Window Soundproof Noise Insulation Sealing (66 FT(20M))

3M Car Weather Strip Descriotion:
Material:EPDM EPDM has excellent heat resistance, thick, ozone resistance, strong tensile strength. Good elasticity, heat resistance and resistance to aging.non-toxic, harmless, no special Harmful odors. So the strip has a sealing, lower voices, the role of dust.

-First, clean the edge and wait until dry.
-Second, Paste while tearing up the tape.
-Then, the end of the seal affixed to the car door ripped determine the location of the door frame.
-Last follow the installation of the linear synchronous torn protective film, hard press for a while to ensure the it can be installed firmly.
Kindly Tip:
-Banned in 3 days as much as possible not to repeatedly open and close the door.

Package includes:
1 x D Car Door Seal(Total length: 66 ft = 20 m)

KX Automotive Universal D-Shape Door Seal 0.47" Height X 0.55" W

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