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wastreake Ranking TOP10 Industrial Boston Mall Style Steampunk Dispenser Wine

wastreake Industrial Style Wine Dispenser, Steampunk Industrial


wastreake Industrial Style Wine Dispenser, Steampunk Industrial

Product description

Size:US Plug

1 . Is a cool gift for the man's cave, office or bar, and will also look great with any loft-style or vintage items. Great for any room in the house, especially the bar!
2 . It's a hand-made little robot man that holds a bottle of liquor in one hand, and funnels it through to his other hand where there's a nozzle to turn the flow on or off.
3 . It's quite clear now that this awesome pipe man liquor dispenser is the only proper way to dispense drinks from now on.
4 . Made from iron and plastic pipe, high quality, durable, anti-rust, solid.
5 . The dispenser will accept most types of bottles up to 1 liter.


1. Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect.

2. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.

Material: Plastic pipe + iron
Size: 38*18*14cm

1 x Steampunk Industrial lamp wine dispenser

wastreake Industrial Style Wine Dispenser, Steampunk Industrial

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