New product! New type Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart 2 Vase -JMBamboo Ceramic Heart,$25,,Lucky,-JMBamboo,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,in,Vase,Bamboo,(2),Red,/nature/animals/can-cows-be-potty-trained.html,Ceramic New product! New type Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart 2 Vase -JMBamboo Ceramic Heart,$25,,Lucky,-JMBamboo,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,in,Vase,Bamboo,(2),Red,/nature/animals/can-cows-be-potty-trained.html,Ceramic $25 Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart Ceramic Vase -JMBamboo (2) Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $25 Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart Ceramic Vase -JMBamboo (2) Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

New product type Lucky Bamboo in Tulsa Mall Red Heart 2 Vase -JMBamboo Ceramic

Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart Ceramic Vase -JMBamboo (2)


Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart Ceramic Vase -JMBamboo (2)

Product description

Item Package Quantity:2

Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart Ceramic Vase. The vase is a Ceramic Heart shape Vase. The arrangement is approximately 10" tall. The arrangement includes 3 style bamboos. Bamboo is easy to care for, no soil necessary to grow. Beautiful arrangement to gift your loved ones in any special occasion. Lovely for home, office, studio, dorm decor. Ships 1-2 Days

Lucky Bamboo in Red Heart Ceramic Vase -JMBamboo (2)

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